Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Wichtiges rund um die Rennen der EOLC / Important information concerning EOLC races.
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Post by Pedro » 29 Dec 2019, 19:38

Thanks :prost:

All emotions were there again:
;( :bounce: )( :buck: :rolleyes: :naughty: :daumenrunter: :kratz: :angel: :daumenrauf:

What to say to that hé :banana:

Well done David, I hope en will be very pleased if you organize this again next year.

Happy New Year to all of you.
Greetings Pedro.

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David Breedveld
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Post by David Breedveld » 30 Dec 2019, 16:22

Hi all,

Thank you for joining the Lange Ringnacht.

You can download the replays of this event here.

Sprint races:

Grand Prix: ... andprix.7z

Visit for the other available replays.

Best regards,

Sanjin Haler
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Post by Sanjin Haler » 01 Jan 2020, 09:42

Well done guys. It's nice to see people still crazy about GPL.
Grats to all.
I like to drive but it's is to much for me this year. I hope to race next one.

Bastian Grupp
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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Post by Bastian Grupp » 02 Jan 2020, 23:07

many thanks david for organizing the event.

much ups and downs like the ring itsself....

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Re: Standings Long Night of the Ring 2019

Post by Fabian » 04 Jan 2020, 16:17

Hi guys
some quick notes about the event (i wanted to say more but now decided to shorten it to save time).

R1 (Honda)
Had a bad start. Proud to be able to hang on with the 'big names' :D. At 'Bergwerk Straight' Radek had a long gear and I bumped into him with Yannick breathing down my neck. --> Havoc! D: :D
By the time I was able to reset I was last... :(

R2 (BRM)
The usual kaos. ;)

R3 (Ferrari)
Crazy T1. Was able to squeeze between crashed Pedro and Tim and almost made it through (would have come out as 2nd) when in the last moment my car got tilted. Again at times I was able to run among the greats. :)

R4 (Brabham)
Big knot of cars at Wehrseife. I sneaked through somehow, passing a number of crashed cars. My laughter would have been worth big theater stage! :D

R5 (Lotus)
The usual kaos. [didn't see it live but Lasse flung massively into the air :hide: :D]

R6 (Eagle)
The usual kaos.

R7 (Cooper)
Was P2 and again could hold my own against Pelle and Carsten :D (ofc they would have been quicker if I didn't hold them up but still...) Stupidly going toward Karussell I wheel-spinned to the left while Pelle tried to get alongside. We collided and created a big mess (again...), luring Carsten, Bastian, Yannick, Pedro, (Radek), Lasse and Robert into the mess. D:
Later Radek went hot into T2. I tried to allow him space and it almost worked but alas we collided [Lasse suffered again from this :O ;) ]. Later had a crash again and lost lots of time and positions.. P11.

GP (Cooper)
I had switched to a different setup for the Cooper in the sprint race, which I have never used before.
It seemed fine and so I decided I'd take the risk and use it in the GP, too. The gamble didn't pay off: the car would now with the heavy fuel load sometimes suddenly swerve to the wrong direction under decelleration. I had 3 potentially race-ending crashes in T1 alone and the confidence was gone.. :(
I was waiting for the symptoms to dissapear as the fuel burnt down and tipp-toed my way around the circuit. A stable L2 seemed to give me right - but no eventually had 6 crashes total when the front-wheel quit the service... I was eager to see the checkered this year :/

Grats all survivors! :daumenrauf:
Grats Carsten for a stellar performance! :daumenrauf:
Thanks all for participating – keeping the tradition alive! :prost:
Last but not least A BIG THANK YOU to :hail: David for all the work and effort!!! Shame you suffered from those performance issues..

I would much appreciate if we could manage somehow to do a mid-year fun event like we did sometimes in past years (similar format just not as late)....

There were lots of crashes and some drivers might get very frustrated. But this is how I see it: Like real life anecdotes, they are mostly annoying if not enraging back in the time they happened but later they become good stories one can laugh about. :grin: :bigdrink:
At least I had a good time watching the replays.
See you on track! :bounce:

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