Wichtiges rund um die Rennen der EOLC / Important information concerning EOLC races.
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David Breedveld
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Post by David Breedveld » 09 Sep 2018, 21:35

Track: Zandvort Sun Sep 09 21:23:29 2018


Pos No Driver Team Nat Time Diff Laps
1 20 Kelvin Mace Brabham USA 1m23.511s 18
2 16 Harald Podzielny Brabham GER 1m23.557s 00.046s 15
3 9 Radek Petera Brabham GBR 1m24.111s 00.600s 16
4 18 Steffen Kriesch Lotus GER 1m24.132s 00.621s 17
5 11 Rainer Alpen Eagle GER 1m24.573s 01.062s 7
6 6 Carsten Grelck Cooper GER 1m24.749s 01.238s 11
7 12 David Breedveld Eagle HOL 1m25.141s 01.630s 8
8 14 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 1m25.358s 01.847s 9
9 19 Dag Johnsen Ferrari NZL 1m25.463s 01.952s 8
10 13 Fabian Casula Honda SUI 1m29.968s 06.457s 12
11 4 EOLC1 Eagle USA No time No time 0

RACE RESULTS (After 45 laps)

Pos No Driver Team Nat Laps Race Time Diff
1 20 Kelvin Mace Brabham USA 45 63m32.759s
2 18 Steffen Kriesch Lotus GER 45 63m33.008s 00.249s
3 16 Harald Podzielny Brabham GER 45 63m48.227s 15.468s
4 6 Carsten Grelck Cooper GER 45 64m19.226s 46.467s
5 11 Rainer Alpen Eagle GER 45 64m22.936s 50.177s
6 9 Radek Petera Brabham GBR 45 64m51.367s 1m18.608s
7 12 David Breedveld Eagle HOL 44 64m24.701s 1 lap(s)
8 13 Fabian Casula Honda SUI 43 64m15.049s 2 lap(s)
9 14 Pelle Buchner Eagle DEN 23 33m34.263s 22 lap(s)
10 19 Dag Johnsen Ferrari NZL 6 8m49.569s 39 lap(s)
11 4 EOLC1 Eagle USA 0 DidNotStart 45 lap(s)

Race results are unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)


Pos Driver Time Lap
1 Steffen Kriesch 1m23.712s 36
2 Harald Podzielny 1m24.004s 45
3 Kelvin Mace 1m24.147s 42
4 Rainer Alpen 1m24.643s 41
5 David Breedveld 1m24.825s 44
6 Radek Petera 1m24.834s 13
7 Carsten Grelck 1m24.835s 43
8 Pelle Buchner 1m24.880s 15
9 Dag Johnsen 1m25.403s 6
10 Fabian Casula 1m27.236s 42
11 EOLC1 No time


Driver Laps
Kelvin Mace 1-45

Number of lead changes: 0
Number of leaders: 1


Driver Laps led
Kelvin Mace 45


Driver Start Finish Change
Steffen Kriesch 4 2 2
Fabian Casula 10 8 2
Carsten Grelck 6 4 2
David Breedveld 7 7 0
EOLC1 11 11 0
Kelvin Mace 1 1 0
Rainer Alpen 5 5 0
Harald Podzielny 2 3 -1
Dag Johnsen 9 10 -1
Pelle Buchner 8 9 -1
Radek Petera 3 6 -3


Driver Laps/Total Percent
Kelvin Mace (45/45) 100.00
Carsten Grelck (39/45) 86.67
Steffen Kriesch (38/45) 84.44
Harald Podzielny (38/45) 84.44
Rainer Alpen (34/45) 75.56
Radek Petera (29/45) 64.44
David Breedveld (28/44) 63.64
Fabian Casula (23/43) 53.49
Pelle Buchner (16/23) 69.57
Dag Johnsen (6/6) 100.00

(first lap excluded)

Driver Avg Deviation Std Deviation Avg Laptime Laps
Kelvin Mace 0.227 0.292 1m24.600s 45
Steffen Kriesch 0.341 0.452 1m24.536s 45
Carsten Grelck 0.341 0.415 1m25.569s 45
Harald Podzielny 0.461 0.669 1m24.923s 45
Dag Johnsen 0.542 0.637 1m26.357s 6
Rainer Alpen 0.633 1.221 1m25.614s 45
Radek Petera 1.396 3.391 1m26.283s 45
Fabian Casula 1.724 2.832 1m29.426s 43
Pelle Buchner 2.056 2.586 1m27.246s 23
David Breedveld 2.728 4.428 1m27.610s 44

All times are unofficial
(Replay might have been saved before end of race)

Generated with GPL Replay Analyser

Steffen Kriesch
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Post by Steffen Kriesch » 10 Sep 2018, 23:42

Race Report:

GPL gets 20y old in Oktober so i wanted to race again to celebrate it.
i drive a few rounds with sims now and then but no real training and no competitive races in idk...months?

i had a 2-3 session for 30min. bevore the race and got at least stable with my times. my right foot lacks a bit endurance. wich i felt in quali

anyway i drove with 37l fuel in Q and 90l in race. in Q i just used the time to concentrate on race performance.


start was solid. radek got a bit shaky 2 wide in T1 on the inside and ich reached P3. Harald was slipping slightly away but i still could see him. trying to follow. in the first 2-3 Rounds i am allway a bit cold and slow but it got better over time.
to follow harald i drove the only way i know: Q-Mode-Style! after 10 rounds or so i got slowly better. maybe he overcooked tires or i just hit a better rythm. i could overtake him around the half mark. adrenalin was pumping againwith the 2 wide but all went fine i guess. i managed to get away from hin an pitboard showed kelvin 4 sek. ahead. again i still could see him a bit, i felt good and rode the lotus hard. in the last round i got very close to him but it wasn´t enough to win.

well done boys. i was a pleasure to race. to bad we dont get full grid anymore. GPL is still fun to drive. i hope it gets some day on GOG.

Kelvin Mace
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Post by Kelvin Mace » 14 Sep 2018, 23:06

Well first of, excuse my late race recap; things are just too busy these days during the week.

I really like Zandvort, ‘cos it feels like a dance floor with a funky rhythm and a circular canon of rpm-sound in those sweeping turns at the dunes :grin: .
Qualy was one of the toughest since years. Harry laid down a 1:23,5 :rolleyes: early in quals! That was quite intimidating to me; meaning: To put the Brabbl on pole I had to do a new PB out of the cuff :kratz: .
So the minutes ran down and some how I squeezed out a low 1:23,5 and a new PB; incredible I was really pumped after I pulled that of in Jens-Kraft*-fashion with one minute to go.

Overtaking isn’t that easy here and this place really can bite ya if you overdrive your ride when overheating the rear tyres. So my racestrategist made the call to have a clean fast start by all means and stay in 1st! After try to figure how to stay in front without overstressing the rubber. :naughty:
Well, mission accomplished the gap between Harry and me was quite consistent at about 3 sec. till halfway point. Then suddenly things became really intense. The pit board showed that Steff passed Harry for 2nd, and this dude in his Lotus, who came back from retirement, was on a mission :weg: . Still half the distance to go, so I really had slim hope to keep Steff’s Lotus behind me.
Anyway, I guess it was time for 'the zone'and me and my Brabham picked up the pace by a tad to click down fast and consistent laps. However the gap melted away slowly but surely, but I also figured out that I had a little advantage in Pulleveld :lookin: , the last turn that leads to the front straight, ...which made my day :champagner: .
Still can’t believe I pulled this of against Steff and of course Harry. According to lap times these guys are faster :angel: !!

Thaks for the race guys & huge thanks to David for hosing this event :daumenrauf: . That race will stick in my memory! :bounce:

*Jens Kraft: former EOLC driver which was famous to do the pole lap in his final qualy-lap ....presumably without any practice

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