Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

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André Jahren
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Re: Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

Post by André Jahren » 03 Feb 2023, 11:59

tim wrote:
03 Feb 2023, 11:50
uups, I missed this one because I thought next race is on 16th of feb ... shit!
Add them to your calendar.

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Bjørn Finnestad
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Re: Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

Post by Bjørn Finnestad » 03 Feb 2023, 19:55

Grats Tago for well-deserved win! :daumenrauf: Of those of us who started, you clearly did the best job. Grats also to Olaf for podium, well done finishers, bad luck DNFs.

My first 9 laps were good. It was a battle against Tago and eventually Olaf with built-up distance, as well as Dag in front who gradually disappeared. Then Dag drove out, but I also did this after a few laps. Not that much damage. I chose to continue and hoped that the overheated tires would return to normal, leaving with less and acceptable impact on the car. Not exactly good to drive with, but adapted to it, lost less than a pit-stop.

Drove it out again, and then the car was weird, and then into the pit. Laps 25-30 were good until I spun 360 but I calmed down afterwards. Then second place was secured by coming steadily and nicely into the finish line. The course is demanding, but with many laps some keys can be picked up.

We lost many drivers to this race. Hope that later in the season there will be a full grid. The race was fun, nonetheless. With DGP it is always interesting, so more people should also discover this.

Nice to hear from Robert after the surgery, have a good recovery.

Thanks for the race. See you next :)

Seb Gore
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Re: Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

Post by Seb Gore » 04 Feb 2023, 00:35

Hi Everyone.
Very messy race for me so I won't bore you with the details. Positive is that I'm getting better at the setup.
Much more important: Here's wishing you a very swift recovery Robert. The race isn't the same without you. Hang in there Sir, can't wait to have you back on track :)
On the subject of tracks, does anyone know where I can get the Goodwood installer? With SRMZ and the database both down, I'm buggered!

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Olaf Lehmann
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Re: Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

Post by Olaf Lehmann » 04 Feb 2023, 10:00

Good to read that your operation obviously went well, Robert.
Congratulations José Luis on your victory! Once again you were the only one who went through without stopping. :champagner:

Code: Select all


  14:19	 58.1s	D.Johnsen	Repair/Tire change/Refuel
  16:10	 36.8s	S.gore		Repair
  16:28	 49.7s	O.Lehmann	Repair/Tire change/Refuel
  43:34	 50.2s	O.Lehmann	Repair/Tire change
  44:07	 53.5s	B.Finnestad	Repair/Tire change
Seb, I apologise again. My first overtaking manoeuvre was a complete failure. I should have braked on the left side.
The other two overtaking manoeuvres worked out. In the last one, I had a big advantage because I had much fresher tyres.

BR Olaf

Seb Gore
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Re: Road Ontario February 2nd, round 2

Post by Seb Gore » 04 Feb 2023, 11:15

Sorry, I forgot to say well done to José Luis, excellent race amigo.
Not a problem Olaf, that's an awkward braking zone for me and I probably braked earlier than you were expecting.
A very enjoyable scrap up until then though :)
I also had a major distraction as my daughter called to be collected from her theatre rehearsal an hour early and I clipped the wall at the exit of the last corner. The damage added about 4 or 5 seconds to my lap time and that killed my first podium chance.
Having said that, we were missing Robert, Andre, Tim (Hi Tim, I've been there and done that so I know how you feel. It really hurts!) and Rainer.
For info, I found the Goodwood 65 installer in my GPL downloads folder, so if anyone needs a copy, let me know.
This will be interesting for me as this is the first time I'm going to a track I've already raced on.
Have a good weekend everyone!
ps, I've always wanted to pop that emoji in a post

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