Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

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André Jahren
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Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by André Jahren » 07 Feb 2023, 22:41

Here's the installer :

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Olaf Lehmann
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by Olaf Lehmann » 08 Feb 2023, 15:27

Result: ... index.html

Code: Select all


  21:12	 26.7s	O.Lehmann	Tire change/Refuel
  25:26	 26.0s	T.Roedl		Tire change/Refuel
  30:40	 27.2s	A.Jahren	Tire change/Refuel
  32:39	 26.8s	R.Alpen		Tire change
  33:31	 29.1s	S.gore		Repair
  34:47	 26.9s	R.Alpen		Repair
  43:04	 26.6s	O.Lehmann	Tire change/Refuel
  43:54	 29.4s	B.Finnestad	Tire change
  45:35	 27.2s	T.Roedl		Repair/Refuel

  2 * O.Lehmann
  2 * T.Roedl
  2 * R.Alpen
  1 * S.gore
  1 * A.Jahren
  1 * B.Finnestad
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by tim » 17 Feb 2023, 10:50

Great track -nice racing!

After a quite good start I could take the lead (thank you André for your patience in T1).
Then it was quite easy to pull away during the following laps. I didn´t want to take to much risk, just see the checkered flag.
Then pitstop and back on track on P3, behind Rainer and André. Rainers tyres were aready worn so I could buildup pressure. Sadly he went wide a lap later. That brought me back on P2. Meanwhile André entered the pit and I passed him at the S/F-line without fighting.
Some laps later I recognized that I will not be able to reach the flag -to less fuel -about 10l missing. Me idiot loaded 31 instead of 41 at the pitstop. And ofcourse during all this calculations I missed a breakpoint, went wide and kissed the barrier with my rear. Lucky I could go on and carry the car back to pit, did a repair, took some fuel and the racespirit was gone :(

What a pitty, the duel with André was real fun!

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Olaf Lehmann
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by Olaf Lehmann » 17 Feb 2023, 14:35

I had some technical problems. In lavant corner I had slight frame drops all the time. And in quali, everything worked normally for one lap, but then either my accelerator or my brake pedal didn't work properly. I was far away from the revs I had in prequali. I first left the server, unplugged my logitech Momo cable from the PC, plugged it back in and rejoined without improvement. After that I restarted my PC and luckily that helped. I then only had a good three minutes left, which was enough to overtake tago in the quali. But since we had a tight grid, it didn't really matter.

As I saw in the pre quali that my tyres were degrading quickly on the right side and three to four times as much on the right side as on the left, I decided to change the tyres twice. Otherwise I would have crashed badly.
With this strategy, the race went quite well. In the penultimate corner, I passed Tago (who had been third for a long time, if I understood correctly) and finished fifth.

Congratulations to Andrè.

Too bad Roberto that you didn't see the finish line. Unfortunately I touched you from behind at the end of the first lap. I hope it didn't break anything. I thought it was good that you were there. It's a different - for me unfamiliar - challenge than usual when someone is sometimes going much slower. Then I feel the same as Robert, André and Tim probably do when they approach me.
It seems you are not registered here in the forum. If you want, I can register you and unlock your account. I just need an email address from you. Maybe you can send it to me via gplweekly.

BR Olaf

P.S.: Result and Pitstop Listing in second post...

André Jahren
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by André Jahren » 17 Feb 2023, 16:41

In general
Still having issues with my right wrist. I have now tried to tilt the steering wheel, change my height in the cheer, without any luck.
So, before this event I did only a 30-minute practice session before the qualifying began. Still, I started feeling the pain just before my pitstop.

Really happy with my last qualifying lap. As I managed to get a good lap in that put me on pole.

Clearly, I had not managed to get the staggered grid correct. Sorry for that!
Not the best start from my side and Tim managed to pass me in to turn 1. The first lap I was all over him, but then he slightly pulled away. Not sure what happened but it seamed that his tires were gone with 30 laps to go, and that made me close the gap a bit before the pitstops.
Tim pitted early with 27 laps to go, and I pushed as hard I could the next 4 laps to try to come out in front. Didn’t do the best pit stop so was still behind when I exited.
First part of the stint Tim pulled away again, but halfway through the I managed to gain a bit per lap again. Then Tim made a mistake entering Lavant Corner and went wide. Then as he needed to pit because of the fuel issue, I found myself 44 seconds ahead.
From there on in it was all about driving safe and bringing the car home.

Congratulation to Tim and Rainer for joining me on the podium.

As Olaf I also experienced some technical issues this race. Some parts of the race I have big frame drops even with a lot of the graphic turned off. And also, randomly sound issues with 2-3 seconds complete silence.

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Bjørn Finnestad
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by Bjørn Finnestad » 17 Feb 2023, 19:49

I was, in my opinion, lucky with the qualification, and had a good race from the start before I started making mistakes. Good competition against Seb over several laps, I had a suitable pace to stay behind. There was an accident in front of me that caused me to pass, after that I clearly noticed the tire wear. On the board it looked like I would be lapped and chose to go into the pit and change the tyres. At that point it could also look like I could drive to the finish, but the risk to me and others would perhaps increase too much on these laps. With new tires I could increase the pace considerably, but it was uneven. Experienced a lot of oversteer in the race and had to get off the accelerator. Despite that it was a good race, real fun, fantastic course. :)

Grats André for win, well done Tim and Rainer for podium, well done finishers, bad luck DNFs. Have a good recovery André, hope the wrist gets better.

Thanks for the race. See you at Zolder :)

Seb Gore
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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by Seb Gore » 17 Feb 2023, 21:32

Hi Guys,

First of all, Roberto, I am so, so sorry. I absolutely promise that will never, ever happen again.
My fault, too busy watching Bjoern's nose in my mirrors.
Having said that, up to that point racing with Bjoern was awesome, really enjoyed that.
Unfortunately, after the shift R, the car just didn't feel right. Probably more me than the car.
Well done Andre, I hope your wrist gets sorted soon. Well done Tim and Rainer, good podiums guys.
Missing you Robert.
Looking forward to the next one.
Have a great weekend everyone.


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Re: Goodwood 65 February 16, round 3

Post by tagomago » 22 Feb 2023, 20:21

Important server issues have kept me away from the keys for a report ... let's settle that debt ;)

I had a very interesting race because this track doesn't allow you to do anything but go for the black ... any mistake in the line that takes you into the field ends up looking like a weekend excursion ... so I tried hard to find my rhythm on the tarmac and see if that would pay off in the end.

I progressed to 3rd position and with 9 to go Rainer closed a gap of 9 seconds in 2 laps.

The car is not undriveable in these conditions unless you need to demand the grip to defend yourself against a confident and strong Rainer.

The difficulty of overtaking without compromising the opponent is enormous, so I was able to keep Rainer behind, although more because of his respectful driving :daumenrauf: than my performance on track ... I even made mistakes forced by tyre wear and Rainer didn't touch me :prost:

On the last lap I lost the car and after an excursion I was overtaken by Rainer and Bjorn ... then as a result of that country excursion I ended up doing another one which allowed Olaf to catch me :daumenrauf:

Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg almost a 3rd. :motz:

To enjoy on the track I was tied with the best.

Thanks all for racing

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