Albi , March 30th - Round 5

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Olaf Lehmann
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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by Olaf Lehmann » 31 Mar 2023, 13:33

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   2:20	 29.8s	T.Roedl		Repair
   7:41	 45.4s	R.Alpen		Repair/Tire change/Refuel
  14:58	 54.5s	R.Alpen		Repair/Tire change
  15:03	 54.7s	 .tagomago	Repair/Tire change
  22:44	 31.0s	D.Johnsen	Repair
  27:13	 33.9s	S.gore		Repair/Refuel
  29:15	 28.8s	O.Lehmann	Tire change/Refuel
  29:29	 30.0s	R.Fleurke	Tire change/Refuel
  30:49	 29.2s	A.Jahren	Tire change/Refuel
  31:09	 28.8s	R.Fleurke	Tire change
  31:34	 27.2s	T.Roedl		Tire change/Refuel
  32:18	 29.3s	W.Tway		Tire change/Refuel
  32:37	 33.4s	B.Finnestad	Tire change/Refuel
  39:06	 28.6s	S.gore		Repair

  2 * T.Roedl
  2 * S.gore
  2 * R.Fleurke
  2 * R.Alpen
  1 * A.Jahren
  1 * O.Lehmann
  1 * W.Tway
  1 * D.Johnsen
  1 * B.Finnestad
  1 *  .tagomago
Grats to winner Andrè, the handicapped Robert and especially to Will - maybe your first patch podium and your first leading lap?

@José Luis: Your pitstop seems to be curious. Do you have a different track.ini?
BR Olaf

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Bjørn Finnestad
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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by Bjørn Finnestad » 31 Mar 2023, 21:23

This was a good race, and I was happy with myself, got to the finish line without making any major mistakes. After reading the good old GPL description for Brabham and Eriks setup guide movie, I became aware of how the setup should really be. It was back to the differential settings that I used before (for all cars then). No disadvantage at Albi for the lap times, it turned out. Not absolute conclusion for sure.

From the start, I followed the field in front for several laps until the tire wear and my own capacity gradually backed off. At the end of the race, it was just a matter of keeping a steady pace and securing fourth place, but because of others that went out.

Grats André for win, Robert, and Will for podium :champagner: , well done finishers, bad luck to DNFs.

Thanks to everyone for the race, administration, and programming :daumenrauf: . See you at Oulton. :)

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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by tagomago » 01 Apr 2023, 10:04

Olaf Lehmann wrote:
31 Mar 2023, 13:33

@José Luis: Your pitstop seems to be curious. Do you have a different track.ini?
BR Olaf
Hi Olaf ... I followed your directions, downloaded the track.ini file and installed it for Albi


William Tway
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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by William Tway » 01 Apr 2023, 21:40

Wow that was fun. Glad to be back. Love Albi. However I was insanely lucky to get the third step.

I had to go back in the archives to see my past results and discovered this was my second podium in Hies history. Stoked.

Boy were my feet numb. So hard to go that long. Hats off to the everyone who showed up.

Just blows me away how fast and easy Robert was able to pass and leave me in his dust in a BRM. Deep respect. Andre as well. Getting a 10.8 in qually. Remarkable. Not to mention Mr. Alpen in the Eagle. Mind blowing qually times.

Cheers and Thanks for hosting,


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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by Dag_Johnsen » 04 Apr 2023, 02:51

Sorry for squeezing you after I spun Seb. My apologies.

Grats Andrè , Robert and Will. Well done!

André Jahren
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Re: Albi , March 30th - Round 5

Post by André Jahren » 04 Apr 2023, 20:26

Contacts and penalties
1 1:22 Rainer Alpen/Tim Roedl - No further action
2 1:22 Tim Roedl/Robert Fleurke - No further action
3 13:47 Rainer Alpen/ tagomago - Rainer penalized with a Stop n Go +30sec in the end result of this race and -2 license points.
4 25:31 Seb gore/Dag Johnsen - No further action

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