Snetterton, 9th of November - Round 15

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Re: Snetterton, 9th of November - Round 15

Post by Bjørn Finnestad » 10 Nov 2023, 21:28

Race: Close competition on this course. Get off for me to a good start. Furthermore, I made a few small mistakes in certain turns which were enough to be reached. Olaf was fast and did a good braking where I got far out and had no chance there. Then I discovered a little late that Tago also came up on my side, but I had the inside in the next turn and thus managed to defend my position. Some laps later Olaf spun after this corner, and I passed him. When there was a spread in the field, the rhythm stabilised.

I made an unnecessary mistake in the last corner combination, which is otherwise a technical part in contrast to the rest of the course. I was generally happy with my speed in that section but forgot that it was not good to drive out in this area. On lap 13 I came in too fast, lost direction, was then passenger, spun off and lost the right rear wheel and got stuck. Tago also droves out in that corner earlier in the race.

(Bonus) reminiscence: To compare with my previous experiences with Snetterton, my performance was not so good in this event with no new pb tonight too. I ran two good races in 2006 and 2008 then (had online break 2008-2018). ;) Maybe not to compare, in addition we now have DGP as an extra dimension.

Grats Rainer for win, Tim, and John for podium! Grats to finishers. :daumenrauf:

Thanks all for the race, see you all in Tripoli, it will be exciting to see everything that can happen there. :)

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