River66 - 11th of April - Round4

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Bjørn Finnestad
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Re: River66 - 11th of April - Round4

Post by Bjørn Finnestad » 12 Apr 2024, 21:58

Grats Tim, André and Rainer! Also, to Tago for 4th. :daumenrauf:

Adjusted quite a bit on the setup, so the Ferrari was good to drive, but no matter what I did, the tire wear was alarmingly high.

Qual: Set an early good lap time, no disadvantage to the Ferrari on this track.

Race: The start was good and was important from such a tight grid. With cold tires it was difficult at the beginning when I was starting from second position. I was not prepared for André to spin. I have never been the leader in a race for such a period early in the race. Because of the battle behind I had a comfortable gap and the car allowed me to push but I knew I didn't have to overdo it either. I was waiting to be catch up, it was only a matter of time when it would happen. At the end of the s’s, I made the weight distribution so wrong that a 360-degree spin happened but managed to save the situation and only lost speed. The rear wheels had become slippery, and I had to let André and Tim by.

I calculated two stops, but with 35 laps I opened the possibility of only one, by the amount of fuel. It proved to hold. After the pit stop it was a dangerous first lap, just like driving another car, then it understeered badly as opposed to being oversteered in the previous laps. I slowed down the pace to finish the race without losing more to accidents. Nice laps with an exciting race, and a good fight with Tago to the finish.

Too bad Seb missed the race. Hope John gets the shifter ready for the next race. Cramps are painful, generally a good recommendation is supplementation with magnesium. There are now several variants with slightly different properties.

Thanks to everyone for the race. See you all at Dundrod :)

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Re: River66 - 11th of April - Round4

Post by snafu » 12 Apr 2024, 23:21

André Jahren wrote:
11 Apr 2024, 22:14
snafu wrote:
11 Apr 2024, 21:22
I need a G27 shifter, I ain't giving GPL up.
I have several. Just send me your address and I will send you one.
Really appreciated André, You have a PM. :daumenrauf:

Thanks Bjorn, I'll look into the magnesium supplement, It's horrible how these things creep up on you. I still feel like a 21 year old, unfortunately I'm living in a Sh1tshow of a body.

Really sad to hear of your internet problems Seb, Riverside would have been a great track for the Lotus.

On to Dundrod, what could possibly go wrong? :grin:

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