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Re: 2018

Post by Pelle_B » 03 Dec 2017, 18:15

David Breedveld wrote:
Pelle_B wrote:1st: 30 December 2017 – Lange Ringnacht...can't remember, but run we last race 15 laps?...not 'only' 8? :rolleyes:
We have 7 sprint races of 3 laps each. The final race of this event is a GP over 15 laps :)
Found this link: :kicher:
Totally embarrassing, how could I forget that it was 15 laps :hide:
http://www.gpl1967.dk/GPL/Replays/EOLC/ ... index.html

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Re: 2018

Post by Dag_Johnsen » 18 Dec 2017, 13:10

Hey guys , Im gonna join the lange ringnacht this year most likely. Allready racing thursdays and fridays and not sure how much time I will have to join the challenge cup but if time and circumstances allow it I will drive the eolc as well next year. We have a racing league going on thursdays if anyones interested. 1 hour practice and approx 1 hour race with shift + r allowed , we start a new spring season in january , nine races or so. All in 60 fps. www.jahren.biz for more.

Other than that I wish you all a fine christmas and a sparkling new year.

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David Breedveld
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Re: 2018

Post by David Breedveld » 05 Jan 2018, 22:13

David Breedveld wrote: A

- Two or three Fun Events in 2018
- Lange Ringnacht in 2018


- Challenge Cup in 2018
- Lange Ringnacht in 2018
- an extra volunteer to host 3 or 4 Challenge Cup races!
At the moment, I favor option C

- a small Challenge Cup with 6 races
- the best 5 results count for the championship.
- Lange Ringnacht on Sunday 30 December 2018.

Regarding options C, I suggest we choose 6 of these tracks:
Kyalami, Mexico, Mosport, Nürburgring, Rouen, Silverstone, Zandvoort, East London, Mosport Rain, Solitude :)
I left out the easiest tracks like Monza :byebye:
I've heard about the disconnect problems at Solitude, but I like this track so much I want to host a race there :naughty:

And we are waiting for the calendars of GPLracer and F1 to make our EOLC calendar.

What do you think?

Best regards,

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David Breedveld
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Re: 2018

Post by David Breedveld » 07 Jan 2018, 17:46

Copied from Gplracer 2018 Race Calendar & Tracks

Gplracer :!: 1969 Extra F1 mod cup (on Sundays), 11 races

21.01.2018 - Interlagos 1971 (interlag) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=interlag
04.02.2018 - Rouen (rouen) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=rouen
18.02.2018 - Österreichring 1971 (zeltw71) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=zeltw71
04.03.2018 - Imola (imola) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=imola
18.03.2018 - St Jovite - Mont Tremblant (stjovite) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=stjovite
01.04.2018 - Nivelles 1974 (nivelles) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=nivelles
15.04.2018 - Zandvoort 1967 (zandvort) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=zandvort
29.04.2018 - Silverstone 1967 (silver) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=silver
13.05.2018 - Anderstorp 1973 (atorp) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=atorp
27.05.2018 - Kyalami 1967 (kyalami) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=kyalami
10.06.2018 - Monza 1967 (monza) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=monza

--- Gplracer's Summer Break ---

Gplracer :!: 1966 F1 mod cup (on Sundays), 9 races

19.08.2018 - Spa 1967 (spa67) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=spa67
02.09.2018 - Hockenheim 1967 (hockenhm) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=hockenhm
16.09.2018 - Silverstone 1967 (silver) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=silver
30.09.2018 - Watkins Glen 1967 (watglen) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=watglen
14.10.2018 - Reims 1967 (reims) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=reims
28.10.2018 - East London 1967 (eastlndn) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=eastlndn
11.11.2018 - Vallelunga 1967 (vallunga) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=vallunga
25.11.2018 - Zolder 1967 (zolder67) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=zolder67
09.12.2018 - Monza 1967 (monza) http://gpltd.bcsims.com/?sbtd=monza

These are the Sundays we can't use for the EOLC events :)
@ all gplracer drivers: have a great season :)

Bastian Grupp
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Re: 2018

Post by Bastian Grupp » 08 Jan 2018, 15:53

I will try to attend more EOLC Races in 2018, bit it won't be easy.

Kyalami, Nürburgring, Rouen, Silverstone, Zandvoort, Solitude - my favorites

Harald Podzielny
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Re: 2018

Post by Harald Podzielny » 08 Jan 2018, 16:33

Ein frohes neues noch :)

Kyalami, Mexiko, Mosport (vielleicht mal wieder trocken), Rouen, Silverstone und Zandvoort...East London
ist auch nicht schlecht. Für Nürburgring gibts ja die Ringnacht.

Wir sind vor einigen Jahren mindestens 2 mal die Solitude gefahren. Da gab es imho keine Probleme :daumenrauf:

Vielen Dank David für die tolle Arbeit und die ganze Organisation in all den Jahren :hail: :hail: :hail:

Gruß, Harry

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Re: 2018

Post by Fabian » 12 Jan 2018, 20:41

btw. Could we please enforce GPL default value shift times from this season forth and for the ring night :?:

Carsten Theile
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Re: 2018

Post by Carsten Theile » 13 Jan 2018, 19:12

I've done some testing, looked at graphs in GPLRA, compared my laptimes, read a few posts, etc.
Not just now, but also over the years.

My gut feeling says the laptimes among the different shifter software rank like this:
  • 1:29.6 - GPLShift without clutch
    1:30.0 - original (paddles / sequential)
    1:30.1 - Fairshift without clutch
    1:30.1 - GPLShift with clutch (threshold value: 90%)
    1:30.2 - Fairshift with clutch
In race conditions, you can add 0.1s for anything that uses the clutch because it's not unusual to miss a gear now and then.

If you need data from a dragstrip (1320):
2015 Comparison Replays
2018 Comparison Replays

It's nearly impossible to measure at times. The differences often are smaller than driver inconsistency.

It appears that people only see the shift delay times, but don't take into consideration that operating the clutch cuts drive for just as long as GPL's default. When you look at the speed graphs in GPLRA, you're surprised how closely matched it actually is.

Personally, I don't like FairShift that much. Maybe I'm too used to GPLShift, but FairShift's clutch algorithms just seem weird to me.
It's as if you put in a gear and then you're required to press the clutch. I don't think that's the right order.
Making the clutch pedal a toggle switch doesn't seem right, either, but I guess that's just what it does.

I agree that an equalising factor should be mandatory, but not necessarily FairShift in all cases. Enabling the clutch in GPLShift accomplishes the same in terms of levelling the playing field and the driver gets to keep the best driving experience GPL has to offer.

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Re: 2018

Post by Dag_Johnsen » 15 Jan 2018, 13:06

Its an interesting topic and kinda relevant for myself as I just changed to a new shifter before christmas. This shifter has an upgraded or more refined transmission if you will , not sure how to describe it. But its closer and more direct in the exchange and absolutely sublime to drive with. But it also changed the dynamics of the car during braking and downshifting f. ex. and it doesnt make driving gpl any easier. I compared it to the paddleshift I used to drive and sure enough , the new controller is faster in the exchange. I run this with gplshift , dont use clutch other than on the start. But my laptimes are faster or on the same pace with paddleshift (old controller). So I dont know what the margins are if there is a gain in time on track , seems very hard to quantify accuratetly how much time gained that can be attributed to the transmission itself.

Ive watched through some LRN rpy`s and I can see that my gearbox is faster , hear it as well. It FEELS better but it doesnt make me go faster , not yet anyway , and when I go faster I would like to think its mostly because of practice and laps driven , not so much the equippment. Allthough that is a factor as well. Ive upgraded pedals as well with longer and more refined axis and that makes me quicker due to higher refinement in throttle and braking. Same goes for everybody I would assume.

Considering that this is a freely available product for anyone to get I dont really see why I should tweak it to make it slower to level the playingfield. Im of the opinion that anything that is available to everyone can be utilised to each drivers own advantage as long as it doesnt entail any form of tweaks or exclusive functions that other drivers dont have access to. In the spirit of F1 its not a hundred percent equal , nor do I think it should be. I think everybody should have the option to go as fast as they possibly can within the limits of the game. And if there are differences in equippment then so be it. We also drive different cars and run different set ups.

This is the shifter Im running now.


Its absolutely awsome to drive with and I couldnt reccomend it enough to anybody who is looking for a change. Its the missing piece I wasnt looking for so to speak.

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David Breedveld
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Re: 2018

Post by David Breedveld » 15 Jan 2018, 21:53

I'm in favor of these dates for 7 Challenge Cup races: 11 February, 11 March, 22 April, 20 May, 9 September, 23 September, 18 November.
And the Ringnacht on 30 December.
Does anyone wants the chassis points to change?

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